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Barrel structure and material of parallel co rotating twin screw extruder

Parallel co rotating twin screw extruder has gradually become a leading role in the plastic blending industry. People are no longer satisfied with the traditional process structure, and more and more designs and ideas are applied to twin screw extruder. So what are the structure, material and characteristics of the barrel?

1. Structure

Generally, twin screw extruders are customized according to the requirements of customers, and different formulations and processes will also affect the structure of the barrel.

The opening barrel is usually used for feeding and exhaust, and there is an opening above the barrel.


The closed barrel has no opening at all.

There is no opening directly above the closed side feeder barrel, and the side opening is connected with the side feeder.

The upper & side opening barrel is used for exhaust, and the side opening is connected with the side feeder. Generally, this structure is used for processes with compact layout.

A small threaded hole is opened above the liquid injection machine barrel to connect the liquid injection gun or liquid injection needle valve.

Building block barrel: each barrel is interchangeable, like a building block. The machining accuracy is very high, and the installation dimensions are strictly consistent. This is also the most popular barrel structure at present.

Structure 2

Split barrel: the barrel can be opened like a shell and is divided into upper and lower lobes. Easy to clean, commonly used in scientific research experiments.

Structure 3
Structure 4

2. Material

45 steel + C type liner bushing barrel: two alloy liner bushing are divided into 8 hole bushing, which can meet the wear-resistant needs of customers and has the highest cost performance.

Material 1
Material 2

45 steel+ α 101 (iron chromium nickel carbide steel) liner bushing barrel: holistic bimetallic liner structure, surface hardness hrc60-64 after heat treatment, high wear resistance and hardness. Commonly used in glass fiber reinforcement and other processes.

Material 3
Material 4
Material 5

Nitrided steel 38CrMoAla barrel: high hardness and anti-corrosion. It is mainly used in various corrosive raw materials and processes. It is characterized by hard outside and soft inside.

Material 6
Material 7

HaC alloy barrel: Super anti-corrosion, generally as a whole, often used in fluoroplastics.

316L stainless steel barrel, super anti-corrosion and anti rust, mainly used for extrusion in food industry.

Cr26, Cr12MoV integral holistic liner barrel: a kind of high wear-resistant bushing with ultra-high chromium powder alloy and high cost performance.

Powder nickel base alloy integral holistic liner barrel: hard alloy material with excellent wear resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high cost performance.

Imported powder metallurgy integral holistic liner barrel: in the corrosive and wear application environment, it still has ultra-high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Material 8


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