Bio based TPU

With the progress of the times, people not only care about economic development, but also pay more attention to environmental protection. In the past when technology was underdeveloped, people sacrificed the environment for economic growth. Nowadays, with increasingly advanced technology, many developing countries and less developed countries are still repeating the steps of the past. But the earth is a whole, so people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, and green economy has become the mainstream idea. For a long time, the plastic industry has been seeking new breakthroughs in the field of environmental protection, so biodegradable materials have entered the eyes of the public and have been gradually applied to various fields. Are bio based TPU and biodegradable materials the same?

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The answer is No. Bio based TPU refers to a class of polymer materials that can decompose into small molecular compounds after completing their service life. It refers to a new type of plastic that has usable mechanical strength and can decompose under the action of light, oxygen and microorganisms in the natural environment in a short time without causing pollution to the environment. It comes from new materials of renewable natural resources, such as corn, cassava, wheat, potato, cellulose, palm oil, sugarcane, rapeseed, food waste, etc. it has the characteristics of environmental friendliness, renewable raw materials, low carbon and environmental protection.

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Although there are overlaps between bio based materials and biodegradable materials, there are great differences in nature. Bio based materials emphasize low-carbon sources, environmental protection and sustainability. They may not be biodegradable, and biodegradable materials tend to be environmentally friendly after being discarded.

As one of the widely used thermoplastic elastomers, the development of bio based TPU is not backward. Compared with traditional TPU, the carbon footprint of bio based TPU can be reduced by 20%.



  • First class wear resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low temperature toughness
  • UV resistance and hydrolytic resistance
  • Transparency
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Processing by injection and extrusion



  • Used for furniture, automobiles, textiles, books and shoes.
  • Used for sports and leisure, automobile, industrial, consumer electronic products and other parts.
Application 1
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Application 2
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The production and process of bio based TPU are becoming more and more mature. Twin screw extruder and underwater pelletizing unit can provide customers with efficient production environment and reliable production output.

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