Cowin Extrusion The 2022 K exhibition in Germany ended perfectly

The International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, the famous K exhibition in the industry, was held in 1952 and is held every three years. The exhibition is currently the world’s largest, highest level, most professional representative plastics industry event. Celebrating its 22nd event on October 19, 2022, K2022 will feature three themes: circular economy, climate protection and digitalization.

Cowin Extrusion The 2022 K exhibition in Germany ended perfectly 1

Focusing on the themes of circular economy, climate protection and digitalization, Cowin Extrusion exhibited the company’s star product:CHT parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder, MSE parallel co-rotating triple-screw extruder and various granulation production lines, equipped with a professional team of consultants, attracting many industry professional celebrities to visit. On the first day of the exhibition, Cowin Extrusion with mature technical solutions, professional technical problem solving, enthusiastic service attitude, won the recognition of customers and signed large overseas orders on the spot, which added confidence to us in the next seven days of the exhibition.

In the exhibition, Cowin Extrusion and received nearly 1,000 leading companies in the plastics and rubber industry from all over the world, our team cherished the opportunity of this exchange, talked with customers about the production process, understood the needs of users, and provided more meticulous and thoughtful services for old customers; I also met many new friends and showed off my latest products and technologies. Among them, the visiting companies exchanged the most about the production process of degradable materials, plastic recycling, bioplastics, and clean raw materials, which also confirmed the increasingly prominent trend of global development towards circular economy. This development trend has also created opportunities for Cowin Extrusion, which has nearly 20 years of experience in the production of degradable materials, to cooperate with international leading enterprises, and further accelerated the pace of Cowin Extrusion to the international stage.

Cowin Extrusion The 2022 K exhibition in Germany ended perfectly 2

As a global supplier of total extrusion technology solutions, Cowin Extrusion actively participates in the K exhibition, which is not only a full demonstration of the strength of China’s manufacturing on the international stage, but also an opportunity to communicate and learn from the elites of the rubber and plastic industry. Integrating with international standards, connecting with European advanced technology, and going abroad to go international is the only way for us to squeeze out and become bigger and stronger.

Cowin Extrusion The 2022 K exhibition in Germany ended perfectly 3



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