Difference between filling masterbatch and color masterbatch

With the development of economy, the processing industry of plastic products has developed rapidly in China, and the coloring requirements for products are also improving. Color masterbatch has gradually occupied a dominant position. In terms of the applicability of Color Masterbatch, it can be divided into common color masterbatch and filling masterbatch.

The color masterbatch is made of organic pigments, additives and resins as carriers mixed at melting temperature, and mixed radially and axially by extruder.  Make pigment particles evenly distributed in the carrier, after extrusion, cut into the concentrated pigment coloring or preparation.

Color masterbatch
Color masterbatch

FillinFilling masterbatch refers to the granules and powders obtained by mixing all kinds of additives and fillers and a small amount of carrier resin in order to facilitate operation in the process of plastic processing and forming.The powder commonly used to fill the master material is: calcium carbonate, talc, sodium sulfate, barium sulfate and so on  It is a new substitute of plastic additives, which has changed the traditional production method of plastic products.  The main structure of filling master material is a ternary composite system, and its compatibility with resin makes its use more extensive.

Filling masterbatch
Filling masterbatch

Properties of color masterbatch:

IIt made of ordinary polyethylene resin as the carrier and hot pressed.  Strong adaptability, easy to exhaust, It is suitable for general resin, blowing film, wire, pipe, plastic, wire drawing, etc.  

Properties of filling masterbatch:

improve the hardness, stiffness, compressibility, wear resistance of the filling product, such as good discharge and plastic, strong oxidation resistance and aging resistance, large filling capacity, reduce the shrinkage and deformation caused by the shrinkage of the product is suitable for most plastic blown film, injection molding, pipe, sheet and so on.

The function of color masterbatch:

Color masterbatch is mainly used to color plastic products when making plastic products. The color masterbatch is processed mechanically in the production process, and the pigment is refined. The pigment, resin carrier and dispersant are fully mixed to isolate the pigment from air and moisture, so as to enhance the weather resistance of the pigment and improve the dispersion and coloring power of the pigment. The shape of color masterbatch and resin particles is similar, and the measurement is more accurate. When mixing, it will not adhere to the container, saving the time for cleaning the container and machine and the raw materials used for cleaning.

The function of filling masterbatch:

The main component of filler masterbatch is filler, which is mainly used for polyolefin processing and molding. The filling masterbatch is added according to various needs of molding. The filling compatibility of the filling masterbatch is good, which can reduce the production cost, greatly reduce the shrinkage ratio of the product and improve the physical properties of the product It has good physical properties, dispersion and stability, and does not affect the precision of processing machine screws. It can be widely used in PE, PP, PS, ABS and other plastic products.

Although both color masterbatch and filling masterbatch can act on plastic products, their functions are indeed different. Color masterbatch is mainly for color matching, while filling masterbatch is used for the addition of natural color raw materials of products. Its function is to reduce costs.

Carbon black masterbatch
Carbon black masterbatch


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