Five Reasons Why People Like Triple Screw Extruder

Triple screw extruder, a new force in high filling masterbatch industry!

What is high filling masterbatch? High filling masterbatch refers to the granular material prepared by mixing all kinds of additives, fillers and carrier resin in the process of plastic processing and moulding.

High filling masterbatch

Polyolefin high filling masterbatch is a common high filling masterbatch. Its filler is generally inorganic filler, such as calcium carbonate and talc powder, with a maximum content of 90%. Adding filler into polymer not only improves the performance of polymer but also reduces the cost of the mixture. However, any production line using powder filler can be replaced by a high filling masterbatch. The filling masterbatch improves the production environment of plastic modification and plastic processing, improves the material processing efficiency and the automation of the production line, and improves labour productivity. Secondly, high filling masterbatch also has the advantages of low cost, low shrinkage and high hardness, so it is more and more widely used in the plastic industry.


The production process and formula of high filling masterbatch are not difficult, and the market demand is very large. Therefore, for manufacturers, how to control cost and improve quality has become their magic weapon in the fierce market competition.

The biggest challenge in the production of high filling masterbatch is its high content of filler. How can such a high content of filler and base material be evenly dispersed and mixed? There are two requirements for the extruder: 1. Be able to feed a large amount of filler, such as calcium carbonate, into the extruder. 2. It can well disperse the filler and mix it evenly with the polymer carrier. The parallel co-rotating triple screw extruder greatly meets the needs of high filling masterbatch manufacturers. For the production of a high filled masterbatch, the parallel triple screw extruder is better than the twin-screw parallel extruder. The advantages can be summed up to three points.

1. High shearing efficiency and good plasticizing effect

A pair of screws have one meshing point, while triple screws have three meshing points. That is, it is equivalent to three pairs of twin screws, so the shear efficiency is higher and the material is easier to plasticize.

Three screw parallel

2. Close training function and good dispersion effect

The number of triple screws is one more than that of the twin screw. In short, the material only rotates two turns in the twin-screw extruder, but three turns in the three screw extruder. The extrusion and kneading of the material in the triple screw extruder is basically 1.5 times that of the twin screw extruder, so the triple screw extruder is a very dispersive machine integrating densification and extrusion.

Schematic diagram

3. High output and low energy consumption

Its output is twice that of a twin screw extruder with the same specification and power. For the production of the same number of products, the cost of manpower, site, etc. is reduced e xponentially. Because of its short length diameter ratio and the decrease of host power and heater power, it can save energy.

extruder 2

4.Good exhaust performance

In fact, the parallel co-rotating triple screw extruder has other advantages in other fields, such as good exhaust performance, materials are sucked into the “internal mixing area” of the extruder, and it is not easy to emit materials. Therefore, the vacuum degree is high, and the product quality is also improved.

5.The residence time of materials in the barrel can be greatly shortened

For easily degradable and heat-sensitive materials, the triple screw extruder also has great advantages. Because of the particularity of the three screws, the length diameter ratio of the same model can be shortened, and the residence time of materials in the barrel can be greatly shortened.

With the development of time and technology, parallel co-rotating triple screw extruder is more and more well known, accepted and used by the public. After all, how to use shorter time and lower cost to maximize benefits is the mainstream of the world’s production industry.


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