Do you know the 5 segments of the screw in a twin screw extruder

Do you know the 5 segments of the screw in a twin screw extruder?

The segmentation of the screw and its function The screw is generally divided into 5 sections: intake and conveying section, melting section, mixing section, exhaust section and homogenization section. Screw arrangement segmentation and temperature setting

Carbon black masterbatch

Carbon Black Masterbatch

Selection of carbon black Carbon black is the most cheap, high-quality and excellent ultraviolet stabilizer. If carbon black particle size is very small (20 nm), the carbon black concentration is generally set at 2.5%+0.5%. According

Extruder screw often wears out There are these main reasons

Extruder screw often wears out? There are these main reasons!

Screw extruder is the core equipment of plastic forming and blending modification. In the actual blending modification production process, the screws of the extruder are exposed to harsh high pressure and high temperature environment, and

Biodegradable Plastics Extruder

Biodegradable Plastics Extruder

In recent years, with the implementation of the “plastic ban”, biodegradable plastics have gradually entered the public’s vision, which is of vital significance for the development of environmental protection packaging industry. At present, there are


Plastic Recycling Granulation – Plastic Pellet Making Machine

The choice of extruder depends mainly on what material the plastic needs to be recycled by the customer and what output is required per hour. if the customer produces PP recycling and granulation, the required output is 100~150kg/h, the raw material particles are large but the plasticization requirements are not high, the CSE-65 single screw extruder is the most suitable.


Caco3 Filler Masterbatch Extruder

The machine model is mainly determined according to the customer’s output. The L/D of the twin screw extruder is the higher the better. It is usually required to be more than 40 with a high cost-performance ratio. Generally, the 52mm, 65mm, and 75mm twin screw extruders are more popular with customers. The triple screw extruders of 52mm, 65mm and 75mm have a higher output and better mixing effect than the twin screw extruders of the same model.

Operation and precautions of underwater pelletizing system

Operation and precautions of underwater pelletizing system

Underwater pelletizing system is the most widely used particle granulation system at present. It is mainly composed of drive valve, die head, pelletizer head, water circulation system and pipe fittings, dehydration and drying system, vibration

Operation and Precautions of Twin Screw Extruder

Twin screw extruder is used to extrude molten plastic through a fixed shape extrusion mouth under the action of the screw, and cut it after being water-cooling or air-cooling. It is used in the filling, blending,