CHT-B series Twin Screw Extruder

COWIN EXTRUSION’s twin-screw extruders are widely used in high-performance processing equipment in different fields such as plastics, chemicals, food and medicine. Used for extrusion, granulation, material handling, etc.

CHT-B series Twin Screw Extruder

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Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

1.CHT-B Series co-rotating twin screw extruder was equipped with a new design of domestic gearbox, modular.

2.Modular construction barrels combination, self-cleaning screw Combination.

3.Both screws and barrels designed according to building block principle. And the machine’s extensive performance and special purpose could be achieved ideally.

4.Independent control of barrel temperature.

5.A variety of cutting methods that meet the requirements of various materials.

6.Adopt good dynamic system and workmanship can bring excellent machine


7.The optimal cost performance gives users the best experience.


Technical characteristic

◆ Host series specifications

¢20mm — ¢200mm CHT series extruders model-was clearly defined B ,D, MAX series according to different rotary speed and torque class.

B Type gearbox photo:

B Type gearbox of Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder B Type gearbox of Co-rotating Twin Screw ExtruderB Type gearbox of Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

◆Plasticizing, compounding units

Screw elements:

Screw elements with closely intermeshed design have excellent self-wiping and interchangeable characteristics.

All components are made by CHC machines to ensure the shapes and tolerance of the elements.

Screw elements combined with spline shaft to achieve higher torque and large screw channel volume.20 years know-how in screw design makes new type screw elements and screw plan supplied, in order to satisfy specific requirements of each process.



According to appearance design, there are close barrel open barrel and venting barrel.

According to the liner, it can be divided into integrated barrel(without liner) and with C type liner barrel.

To ensure the precision, all barrels are processed by CNC machines.

Strict control precision in the processing, to ensure the core shaft slot depth, slot distance standard, smooth surface, tough and durable.

Barrels and liners photo:

Barrels and liners of Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder Barrels and liners Barrels and liners

Barrels cooling inlet and outlet pipes

Barrels cooling inlet and outlet pipes

CHT-B Series Twin Screw Extruder



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