CHT-D Series Twin Screw Extruder

COWIN EXTRUSION’s twin-screw extruders are widely used in high-performance processing equipment in different fields such as plastics, chemicals, food and medicine. Used for extrusion, granulation, material handling, etc.


High Torque Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

1. CHT-D series High Torque Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder was quipped with high-torque gearbox, the rotary speed can reach to 800 RPM.

2. Various materials of barrel and screw elements can be chosen.

3. The processing section L/D can be from 24 to 64.

4. Independently controlled barrel temperature, priority is given to PLC control.

5. High-performance equipment helps customers get a faster return on their



Technical characteristic

◆ Power transmission system

The newly designed torque distribution system, high precision grinding of hardened gear teeth, imported high quality key bearing, and the interlocking of lubrication system are among the reasons for the good reliability of Cowin’s products.

D Type gearbox photo:

D Type gearbox of High Torque Co-rotating Twin Screw ExtruderD Type gearbox D Type gearbox

Online test results show that our newly designed twin-screw gearbox ensures 100% balance in power distribution and transmission. The breakthrough of this technology makes the power output of the gearbox nearly double that of the traditional method. This makes the specific moment coefficient from the original 4.9 to the current 10.3.

Our gear box system is shared by E.M.E Extruder Maschinenfabrik Metalurgica Ltda in Brazil. All gears are made of the same material as the company and use the same heat treatment process.

All bearings come from the world-class manufacturers, such as INA, SKF, FAG, NACHI, NSK, etc.

Adopt the same assembly technology as German Flender, so that the two transition shafts can ensure that each shaft can distribute 50% of the power during power distribution and transmission, so as to achieve perfect balance. This technology is currently not fully mastered in other factories in China.

The well-designed oil circuit system ensures that every bearing can be well lubricated and cooled from the oil pump.


CHT-D Series Twin Screw Extruder



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