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Recycled PP/PE Compounding Granulation Line

In recent years, as a general resin with high cost performance and wide application, Recycled PP/PE Compounding has been widely used in many fields of industry, agriculture, construction and daily life, and has become a very important industrial raw material. The increasing use of PP / PE also leads to the corresponding increase in the number of waste PP / PE. After the waste of PP / PE products, it has caused great pollution to the environment and caused increasingly severe environmental problems. The 21st century is an era of protecting the earth’s environment and an era of increasing tension in resources and energy. In order to control those wastes that are large, scattered, dirty and difficult to collect, the economic benefits are very poor. The recycling methods of waste PP and PE: filling PP / PE and strengthening PP / PE have become a research hotspot attracting worldwide attention.

Considering the chemical properties, physical structure and properties of PP / PE, it can be seen that P / PE is a recyclable material. There are two channels for PP / PE recycled. One is the recycled of waste products generated within plastic processing enterprises. Generally, production enterprises will use up all waste materials in proportion with new materials according to production needs; Another is to recycle PP / PE products that are discarded after being purchased and used by consumers. There are generally two ways to treat the recycled waste PP / PE, one is to use it directly, and the other is to use it after modification. First, what is direct use? Direct use means that waste PP / PE is directly processed and formed without various modifications, after certain classification, cleaning, crushing and plasticization, or processed and formed products after granulation. This method has the advantages of simple process and low cost of recycled products. The disadvantage is that the mechanical properties of recycled material products decrease greatly, so it is not suitable to only make high-grade products. Waste PP / PE can be regenerated into granular materials and flocculent materials, which are returned and mixed with the original resin to manufacture products for the same purpose as the original resin or melt and solidify them, and directly form and manufacture various products. In addition, melting and recycled of waste PP / PE plastics, that is, heating and melting of waste plastics and re plasticizing, is also a direct method.

What is modification treatment? It is a waste PP / PE treatment method to modify the waste PP / PE through physical or chemical methods to gradually restore the original mechanical properties, so as to meet the reuse requirements. The mechanical properties of modified regenerated PP / PE are improved or improved, and can be used to make high-grade plastic products. There are many kinds of modification technologies for waste PP / PE, including Filled PP / PE, blended PP / PE, reinforced PP / PE, toughened PP / PE, etc.

With nearly 15 years of experience in the production of COWIN, we can provide customers with strong technical support, after-sales service, technical training, installation and commissioning. The machine adopts advanced design principle and uses extruder screw to plasticize and modify waste PP / PE waste and corner materials, resulting in new production of particles. Its advantages are small material loss of granular materials, high production rate, particle smoothness and high compactness. With high efficiency and energy saving, simple operation and stable product quality, it is an ideal granulation equipment for plastic recycling and renewal.

CHT series twin screw granulation production line (mainly used for recycled and granulation of PP / PE)


  1. High output and simple operation
  2. The feed of raw materials is stable and uniform
  3. Economy and energy saving

The granules surface is smooth and the performance is better.

Design for recycled PP PE material, the output:300-500kg/hr.
This is our customer’s 4th production line. Thanks for our customer trust and support.



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