Thermoset Plastic Extrusion Line

Thermoset Plastic Extrusion Line
Thermoset Plastic Extrusion Line
  • high-speed mixer
  • feeder
  • twin screw extruder machine
  • cooling air
  • pulverizer
  • cyclone
  • separator
  • fine powder recycling tower
  • Muffler

The excellent mixing capability, self wiping characteristics, and accurate temperature control of the co-rotating twin-screw extruder enable thorough mixing of materials inside the extruder and essentially no-pressure discharging. This line is applicable to the production of polyester, epoxy, and acrylic-based powder coatings, phenolics, and epoxy sealing compounds.

The Advantages of Thermoset Plastic Extrusion Line

  1. Big output, best mixing function
  2. Barrels with efficient heat exchange and a special temperature controlling system
  3. The split barrel design enables you to clean it quickly and easily
  4. Feeding system with metering screw, ensure an accurate feeding
  5. Convenient maintenance
Thermoset Plastic Extruder

Typical representatives of thermosetting materials:

Phenolic and epoxy plastics, most of which are powder coatings (thermosetting materials require little granulation, and the most promising is thermosetting composites).

They are mainly used for heat insulation, wear resistance, insulation, high voltage resistance and other plastics used in harsh environments. Most of them are thermosetting plastics, and the most commonly used should be a pressure cooker, frying panhandle and high and low voltage electrical appliances.

Characteristics of thermosetting materials:

When heated for the first time, it can soften and flow. When heated to a certain temperature, it will produce a chemical reaction and harden after cross chain curing. This change is irreversible. After that, when heated again, it can no longer soften and flow. It is with this characteristic that the molding process is carried out.

Using the plasticizing flow during the first heating, the cavity is filled under pressure and then solidified into a product with a determined shape and size.

Features of twin-screw extruder for thermosetting materials:

  1. Low speed and high torque; (normal operation 70 ~ 150rpm)
  2. Low aspect ratio; (L/D=16~28)
  3. Low processing temperature and high-temperature control requirements; (the core of the screw is cooled by cold water, and the water pipe is also special)
  4. The wear resistance of the barrel and screw is good; (GT35 cemented carbide is preferred)
  5. Many customers require the cylinder to be split to facilitate the cleaning of the screw;
  6. The discharging method is special, and the discharge (the discharge of the machine head shall not have any resistance)

Production process of powder coating thermosetting materials:

Mixer – Twin Screw Extruder – Tablet Press – pulverize

Current simple configuration:

Screw speed 300 ~ 400rpm, L / D = 20 ~ 40;
Ordinary electric heating;
The barrel is not divided;
The barrel adopts an integral sleeve,
The screw material adopts 6542 material, there is no head, and the screw core is not connected with water.

Project Details

  • Factory Location: China
  • Equipment: CHT52D Twin Screw Extruder Thermoset Plastic Extrusion Line
  • Application: Thermosetting Plastic Extrusion Line
  • Output: 150~200 kg/h
  • Date: 2020.01
Thermoset Plastic Extrusion Project


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