Top 10 Twin Screw Extruder Manufacturers

Top 10 Twin Screw Extruder Manufacturers

  1. Coperion
  2. Leistritz 
  3. Milacron 
  4. KraussMaffei
  5. JSW
  6. Steer
  7. Shibaura Machine
  8. Cowin Extrusion
  9. Battenfeld-Cincinnati
  10. CPM Extrusion Group

(Listed in no particular order of priority)



Coperion is a German company, As a pioneer in the development of the closely intermeshing, co-rotating twin-screw extruder, Coperion possesses unique know-how and an extraordinary wealth of experience in this field.

Coperion has continuously set new standards in the machine and system design for processing technology since the 1950s. More than 15,000 installed compounding systems worldwide are proof of Coperion’s unique system and process competence. 

The defining feature of Coperion is large machines.

Since 2005, Coperion has focused its business on regions and fields worldwide with a rising market, regions like the Middle East, Europe and Asia and fields like plastic and polyolefin markets.



Leistritz is a German company with the four busi­ness units of tur­bine, pump, ex­tru­sion and pro­duc­tion tech­nol­ogy.

Twin-screw ex­trud­ers for the plas­tics and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal in­dus­tries as well as tools and ma­chine tools for the au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try and me­chan­i­cal en­gi­neer­ing, Leistritz offer a wide range of so­lu­tions. 

The heart of the extrusion line – the extruder – is made by Leistritz itself. The Germany site thus plays an important role, since German engineering is the basis for Leistritz lines.

The unique strength of Leistritz consists of the corotating twin-screw extruders and the counter-rotating twin-screw extruders with good performance.



Milacron is an American company, Milacron is the only global company with a full-line product portfolio that includes injection molding and extrusion equipment. Milacron maintains strong market positions across these products, as well as leading positions in process control systems, maintenance, repair and operating (“MRO”) supplies for plastic processing equipment. 

The main products are: conical twin-screw extruder, parallel twin screw extruder and sing screw extruder.



KraussMaffei, a German company, KraussMaffei has combined collective expertise in injection molding, reaction process, and extrusion technology under one roof – with 100% dedication to each. 

KraussMaffei is among the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery and systems for the production and processing of plastics and rubber. KraussMaffei’s range of services covers all areas of injection molding machinery, extrusion technology and reaction process machinery. 

KraussMaffei’s range of products and services allows us to serve customers in many sectors including the automotive, packaging, medical and construction industries, as well as manufacturers of electrical and electronic products and household appliances. 

The main strength of KraussMaffei lies in the wide-range applications of its twin-screw extruders.



JSW is a renowned Japanese company, mainly manufacturing machines including twin-screw extruders, large extrusion granulators, all-electric injection molding machines and film production lines.

The company offers various models – from the world’s smallest 0.4 mm screw diameter to the largest 10mm screw diameters as well as twin-screw machines for mixing and kneading.

Shibaura Machine

Shibaura Machine

Shibaura Machine is a Japanese company, Shibaura Machine was among the first companies in the world to establish mechatronics-oriented production systems. It started single-screw extruder manufacturing in the 1950s. Shibaura extruders are mainly used for plastic production like sheets, films and PVC pipes.

Cowin Extrusion

Cowin Extrusion

Cowin Extrusion is a Chinese company, located in Nanjing, China which is considered China’s extruders manufacturing base. Cowin Extrusion has been committed to the independent design and development of new technology and new equipment related to polymer material processing equipment, equipment processing and manufacturing, and complete project service business, and long-term focus on promoting the continuous development of high-end technology products and complete project technology.

Cowin Extrusion has a rich talent pool and technical experience in the field of polymer equipment manufacturing, its technical development team has more than 20 years of experience in the development of polymer blending modification complete sets of equipment while maintaining in-depth cooperation with domestic universities and research institutes, foreign advanced extruder companies. 

COWIN EXTRUSION always focuses on R&D of new technology & products, equipment process and manufacturing, and turnkey projects of polymer compounding-related processing equipment.

High-speed, high-torque co-rotating twin-screw extruders and polymer compounding and modification equipment are Cowin Extrusion’s flagship products.



Battenfeld-cincinnati is a manufacturer of thermoplastics extrusion systems: producing systems used in the production of pipes, profiles and packaging goods. 

CPM Extrusion Group

CPM Extrusion Group

CPM Extrusion Group is an American company, Our core competency is the development of complete compounding systems, twin-screw extruders, our RingExtruder (twelve screw extruder), spare parts for co-rotating extruders, self-cleaning intermeshing twin-screw extruders and service.



Steer is an Indian company founded in 1993. Steer is committed to the design, creation and implementation of advanced materials platform technology that effectively transforms and functionalizes materials in the field of pharmaceuticals, plastics, food & nutraceuticals, biomaterials and biorefining. 

Steer manufacture co-rotating twin-screw extruders and corresponding accessories including accessories for the extruder handling area (thread blocks, barrels, barrel bushings and screw shafts), gearboxes and major peripheral equipment.

The most distinctive feature of Steer is its new threaded elements.

Global geographical distribution of extruder manufacturers

Extruder manufacturers mainly concentrate in North America, Europe, Japan and China.

Coperion、Milacron、JSW、Shibaura Machine and Leistritzv, ranking among the top 5 take up over 40% of the global market share. In 2020, the global twin-screw extruder market size was $869 million and is expected to reach $1,128.2 million by the end of 2027, growing at a CAGR of 3.8% during 2021-2027.

China is the world`s second-largest economy, is forecast to reach a projected market size of US$200.4 Million by the year 2027 trailing a CAGR of 3.3% over the analysis period 2020 to 2027. Among the other noteworthy geographic markets are Japan and Canada, each forecast to grow at 0.2% and 1.1% respectively over the 2020-2027 period. Within Europe, Germany is forecast to grow at approximately 0.6% CAGR.

China Extruder Manufacturers

In the first half of 2021,the total import and export value of 12 key plastic machinery in mainland China was nearly US$2.880 billion, up 49% year on year, according to statistics from the General Administration of Customs of China. The import value amounted to US$1.107 billion, rising 40% year on year. The export value of extruders grew faster than import value, with the export value increasing by 23% year on year. The export value and import value of injection blow molding machines increased by 25% and 45% respectively year-on-year.

The design of China’s extruder moves to energy saving and environmental protection. The mainstream trend of the extruder machine industry development goes to specialization, personalization, serialization, standardization, compounding, miniaturization, massification, intelligence, automation, energy-saving, material saving, efficiency and environmental protection.

Nanjing-China’s twin-screw extruders manufacturing base

Nanjing, home to many extruder manufacturers, has the name “base of extruders” in China. Most of the companies here are small-scale enterprises. The shake-up of the industry has never stopped, and the extruder manufacturers keep evolving their technology and updating their service consciousness. The aftersales service that used to be door-to-door maintenance when machines get something wrong has turned into comprehensive services including preventive maintenance, in order to provide maximum help for users.

The extruder manufacturing technology in Nanjing is so sophisticated that the quality of extruders in Nanjing can definitely be guaranteed if you want to import Chinese extruders. Your main concern should be focused on service. You’d better choose companies that have been established for a long time as they survive the test of time and fierce competition. With years of export experience, they know the importance of service, hence, they have a strong sense of service and a high degree of credibility.

Some extruder manufacturers are now capable of offering complete extrusion lines and can even undertake turnkey projects. Their advantages lie in cost-effectiveness and fast service, which enable them to compete with medium and large companies. These manufacturers are the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises in plastics production.

Jintang, Zhoushan-China’s screw base

Screw extruders use the pressure and shear force generated by the rotation of the screw to fully plasticize and evenly mix materials. More than 75% of all screw products in China come from Jintang town, Zhoushan city, Zhejiang Province, which is known as the “screw base of China”.

Zhoushan Jintang plastic machine screw industry was included in the key support projects for industrial quality improvement in Zhejiang Province. Recently, Nitriding Single-screw and Barrel for Plastic Machinery has been officially released as association standards, the drafting of which was led by Zhejiang Huaye Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. This marks the basic realization of the full coverage of the standard in Jintang’s plastic machine screw industry.

Jintang’s screw industry adopts 4 group standards of Zhengjiang manufacturing including Screw of Full Hard for Plastics Machinery, Conical Counter-rotating Twin Screw and Barrel for Plastics Extruder, etc, covering almost all types of screws for plastics machinery. Moreover, Jintang’s screw industry adopts Single-screw and Barrel for Plastic Machinery and Twin-screw and Barrel for Plastic Machinery as association standards and Screw and Barrel for Plastic Machinery (JB/T 8538-2011) as industry standards. Jintang’s screw industry now has a multi-stepped and full-covering standard system consisting of “Zhengjiang made” group, association and industry standards, which provide standard support for the high-quality development of the screw industry.



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